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Channel 10 Shows Axed

  • Channel 10 Shows Axed

D'oh! Channel 10 has lost the rights to air The Simpsons and Modern Family!

D'oh! Double d'oh!

Two of the most iconic shows that air on Ten have been removed after negotiations with 21st Century Fox broke down.

New seasons of Modern Family and The Simpsons were scheduled to start later this month, but fans of the shows have been left disappointed to find out they will no longer be aired on Ten. This will be the first time in over 25 years The Simpsons, a staple on Ten, will no longer be available free-to-air.

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It is understood Fox was unhappy with the amount Ten ­offered to pay for its content.

Other shows that have been pulled from Ten include MASH, Malcolm In The Middle, Futurama and all Fox movies.