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Firearms amnesty

  • Firearms amnesty

Hundreds of weapons surrendered in Gippsland

Hundreds of firearms were surrendered by Gippslanders during the three month amnesty.

Police say 1681 rifles, shotguns and handguns were handed over in Gippsland and the Eastern Region.

The number of items surrendered in the Eastern region was almost half of the state total of 3,654.

Police say those items have now been crushed and melted, or registered

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Licensing and Regulation Division’s Superintendent Paul Millett said police were pleased with the results which represented the most effective firearm amnesty Victoria had seen for a decade.

“The amnesty has resulted in a tangible benefit to community safety here in Victoria by ensuring firearms and weapons are kept out of reach of people who don’t need them for lawful purposes,” he said.

Although the amnesty is now over, police are asking anyone with unwanted weapons to contact their local police station to arrange a handover.