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Gippsland Xmas Lights

  • Gippsland Xmas Lights

The Ultimate List Of Christmas Lights In Gippsland

Are you Christmas obsessed like Cindy Lou Who and Martha May from Whoville?

If you're too lazy to put up your own lights, get out and about and enjoy the handy work of someone else!

This is the ultimate list of Christmas lights in Gippsland...


2 Shirley Ann Court, Traralgon

5 Jack Farmer Way, Traralgon

8 Row Street, Traralgon

10 Elizabeth Street, Traralgon

181 Franklin Street, Traralgon

52 Parkwood Way, Traralgon

7 Travers Street, Morwell

46 Beattie Crescent, Morwell

32 Haywood Street, Morwell

23 Porter Street, Morwell

4 Sheffield Street, Morwell

33 Law Street, Newborough

29 Ellinbank Street, Newborough

4 Paisley Street, Newborough

8 Central Avenue, Newborough

44 East Street, Yallourn North

17 Fairway Drive, Yallourn Heights

49 Cairnbrook Road, Glengarry


2019 Princes Highway, Rosedale

356 Three Chain Road, Maffra

12 Church Street, Maffra

31 Boisdale Street, Maffra

Deans Road, Tinamba

4 Mia Street, Sale

1 Peppercorn Close, Sale

Glenhaven Estate - Morgan Street, Sale

Glenhaven Estate - 19 Ruthberg Drive, Sale

2 Polaris Drive, Sale

5 Templeton Street, Sale

1 McGhee Street, Sale

50 Fitzroy Street, Stratford

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