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Lincoln Ingravalle

Lincoln to Timor Leste

Lincoln to Timor Leste

Lincoln Ingravalle

Traralgon teen volunteers as a UN Youth Australia delegate in Timor Leste

A Year 12 student from Traralgon has successfully applied to join 11 other students from around the country as a delegate on a UN Youth Australia visit to Timor Leste.

Lincoln Ingravalle, who is a Lavalla College captain and former Latrobe Youth Mayor, says he will be there for two weeks in July.

"We'll be travelling the country," Lincoln said.

"We spend a week working in a school doing some construction work and hands-on stuff, and doing some tutoring.

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"Then from there we do a bit of a loop around the country, travelling to some regional and mountain areas, and meeting up with some foreign aid agencies and possibly some embassy staff as well."

Lincoln has to meet his own costs of $6,000.

"People wanting to help meet my costs can jump on my Facebook page, Lincoln Ingravalle.

"I have a GoFundMe page open at the moment, which is going really well, and I'm holding a fundraiser on the 5th of May at Catinalla's Caffe & Winebar in Traralgon."



Fundraising event at Catinalla's Caffe & Winebar

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