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Photo: Eyewatch - East Gippsland Police Service Area

Metung car plunge

Metung car plunge

Photo: Eyewatch - East Gippsland Police Service Area

Car drives into Bancroft Bay

East Gippsland Police say a driver who ran off the road at Metung, ending up in Bancroft Bay, is likely to face charges.

The man had a lucky escape when he lost control of his vehicle on Metung Road today.

Police say the car was on the wrong side of the road, when it careered across the boardwalk, and ended up in the chilly water near the Metung Yacht Club.

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The 44 year old escaped and swam to shore. He was taken to Bairnsdale Hospital for observation and has since been released.

Police say he will be charged with various driving offences.

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