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Wellington Shire Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Cr Alan Hall & Cr Malcolm Hole.

Wellington Mayor

Wellington Mayor

Wellington Shire Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Cr Alan Hall & Cr Malcolm Hole.

Allan Hall elected Wellington Shire Mayor

Loch Sport resident Cr Alan Hall has been elected the new Mayor of Wellington Shire Council, with Cr Malcolm Hole elected Deputy Mayor.

Both were elected unopposed and unanimously by the council.

Cr Alan Hall is known to the Loch Sport and other coastal communities as the former proprietor of the Marina Hotel.

Since selling the business, Cr Hall and wife Jill have retired in Loch Sport.

Cr Hall has a strong financial background, holding senior finance and management roles in both the public and private sector. He is a Fellow of the Certified Practicing Accountants Australia.

Cr Hall thanked outgoing Mayor Carolyn Crossley for her staunch leadership during the previous two terms.

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“It’s a good space to become Mayor because Wellington finds itself in a good place from the past two years with Cr Crossley at the helm,” Cr Hall said.

“We have a respectful, intelligent, co-operative Council that has work collectively for the good of Wellington Shire.

“I look forward in particular to continuing the good work that Cr Crossley has started.”

Deputy Mayor, Cr Malcolm Hole is a local government veteran, first elected to Wellington Shire Council in 2000 and serving as Mayor in 2002 and 2006.

Cr Hole has held senior positions with many organisations including the Municipal Association of Victoria, Timber Towns Victoria, National Timber Councils Association, Gippsland Local Government Network and Rural Councils Victoria.

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